When Paul suggested a lockdown escape to Cascades in Du Toitskloof, with a little abseiling involved, I thought it a decent idea. I knew that the MCSA often scrambled up it and abseiled down the next day. My conclusion was that if you can scramble up it, it can’t be much of an abseil.

[buzzer sounds]


Seventeen abseils later, some of them sheer 60 m jobs into coldish pools, I had developed new insights into Cascades. It was a spectacular, adrenaline-soaked and dopamine inducing day, even though I conspired to sprain a hand early on.

The First Law of Kloofing: the hike or bundu bash out of the kloof is usually the the most unpleasant part of the whole thing by far.

Here’s a short video clip shot with the Go Pro: