Via Corridor and Llandudno ravines

December in the Cape saw a lot of unseasonal rain allied to some nasty Black South-Easters. The latter means low cloud on the mountains and unpleasant conditions. But desperate for a walk of some sort, Santie and I decided on a Table Mountain walk somewhere as long as it was below the cloud line. The Pipe Track (from Theresa Avenue in Camps Bay) to Slangolie Ravine sounded like reasonably interesting stroll. Up to Slangolie Cave, where we stopped for tea, we were still below the cloud, so we agreed on the gradual ascent up Corridor Ravine, past Grootkop and Judas Peak along the ridge line and then down Llandudno Ravine to Hout Bay Corner.

Of course, once in the cloud, rain gear became necessary and we never saw the Atlantic again until we descended Llandudno Ravine. The mountain¬† has a different feel in such conditions: eerie mist rain, low visibility, a feeling of isolation as ghostly protea trees materialise in the gloom, a windy quiet unspoilt by the sounds of civilisation below. But we enjoyed it even though we had to take care to not lose the path and our bearings. To round it off, we flagged an Uber to The Lookout in Hout Bay harbour for drinks and a meal, and the sounds of a band of my vintage playing hits from the ’70s – the era that still produced the best music I’m afraid.

Slangolie Ravine
Eerie sewejaartjies
Top of Llandudno Ravine
Hout Bay Corner

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