December in the Cederberg is hot. So although Peter and I had20171216_104842 all the best intentions of hiking into the wilderness from our camping bases at Sanddrif and Algeria, reality was decidedly less energy-intensive. We took a 9 km round-trip walk to the Maltese Cross and another similar walk up the Rondegat River above Algeria – and I had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the DJI Mavic Pro drone. The clip below is my beginner’s attempt.

Like most of the Western Cape, the Cederberg is uncommonly dry this summer. There is the risk of walking long distances, expecting to find water at known streams and springs, and finding nothing. The alternative is to load up with litres of water. So maybe besides being less energetic with the years, we are wiser too.

The incongruence of meeting German and Indian academics from the the Centre for African Language Diversity, UCT, at the Maltese Cross, was not lost on us. The German prof explained to us that German institutes have long been the experts on African languages, dating back to before the Dutch settled the Cape. MoreĀ  proof that spending time in remote, wild locations increases the likelihood of meeting the most interesting people; it seems that interesting people tend to gravitate to the great outdoors.

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