Jasper National Park

Dad and daughter
I extended a recent business trip to North America to visit my daughter, Heather, in Edmonton. She and her husband, Dirk, treated me to a fantastic long weekend in the Canadian Rockies, in Jasper National Park. Winter had officially set in and most attractions/activities were closed, but we were able to drive to places like Lake Maligne, Medicine Lake, Pyramid Lake, Maligne Canyon, Athabasca Falls and Athabasca Glacier, and do some short scenic walks in what was a monochromatic, but still breathtaking, landscape. A Google Map of our walks and some photos follow …

Jasper collage

Lake Maligne

As part of the return leg of my trip, I decided to take The Canadian, the train with the domed skycar, through the Rockies to Vancouver. I was realising a lifelong dream. As a former railway engineer (signalling and telecoms, not driver), trains and railways have always been a fascination of mine. There are few more interesting perspectives of¬†landscapes than from the warm comfort of a train. This trip was no exception, although by the time The Canadian arrived in Edmonton, it was running three hours late, which meant that I was to lose three hours of daylight in the Rockies and consequently only experience the section up to Jasper¬†in daylight. I had already seen it from the road. Interestingly, the train arrived on time in Vancouver, but I felt a little cheated not to have seen the canyon line up to Valemount, BC… Anyway, maybe I’ll do it again some day.