Many years ago I “introduced” my young daughters to overnight hiking on the old Limietberg Trail from Hawequas to the old trail hut near Bainskloof village (day 2 of the trail continued to Tweede Tol). A hot February day and a long trail conspired to turn that introduction into an ordeal for them apparently. To this day they are still not keen hikers, much to my regret.

Kevin, who is a regular at Kromrivier hut has often looked down the valley to the Witte River and wondered about the trail, so we decided to walk the first half of the old trail in reverse, from Bainskloof to Kromrivier hut with the permission of the reserve manager. As you will note from the GPS track, we often lost the old, disused path, partially because a new firebreak obscured and crossed it. We needlessly “bundu bashed” near the stream in places, although I still vaguely remembered that the trail ran higher up the slope. In any case, it proved to be a pleasant and scenic morning as the sun broke through the mist and rain. More photos and a Google Earth track follow …

Witte River valley

Witte River valley near Junction Pool


Bainskloof Pass after the latest fire

Tea at Junction Pool

Easter Island?

Kromrivier Hut

The trail to Kromrivier Hut. Kromrivier Dome to the right.

Seared landscape