Eikenhofkloof is much more benign than Volstruiskloof. There are only about 7 shortish abseils down sloping walls rather than the precipitous,Early-morning view down Duiwelskloof long drops down Volstruiskloof. So I would recommend that you do this one first if you are a novice. Paul Verhoeven led this Mountain Club outing and once more we were blessed with wonderful, late-summer weather. The evening spent under full moon in Duiwelskloof was special, more so because of the lonely hooting and flight of an owl.

Eikenhofkloof (“eiken” means “oaks”) could properly be renamed to “Dennehofkloof” judging by the infestation of alien pine trees (“dennebome”) above and in the kloof. Cape Nature needs to do some serious alien clearing in this inaccessible massif. Near the ruined Mountain Club hut below the kloof, alien hakea is spreading apace. I am sure that the Mountain Club, whose members must be amongst the few people who penetrate this place and have the necessary gear, could launch regular alien hacking expeditions for years to come.

Panorama from Buller's Peak

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