The route up the jeep track that skirts Orange Kloof and the path up Disa Gorge is probably the easiest route up to the “back table” on Table Mountain, Kasteelspoortwhere the reservoirs are located. It passes through a restricted area and you will need a permit from SANParks or walk it in the company of an accredited guide. Orange Kloof – the restricted area – conserves remnant Afromontane forest.

The water tunnels – Woodhead and Apostles – in Disa Gorge, the reservoirs with their dressed stone dam walls and the remains of the train track and cableway at Kasteelspoort represent fragments of Victorian, “can-do” engineering history and the quest to supply drinking water to the city of Cape Town. The story is fascinatingly told in the Waterworks Museum between Hely-Hutchinson and Woodhead reservoirs.

On this hike Kevin, Yolanda and I decided to overnight in the Mountain Club’s hut, which dates from 1905 if I am not mistaken. The hut is redolent with mountaineering history, a museum in its own right, and a very atmospheric place of a cold evening. We were fortunate to be the only three people there. In summer it is rather crowded I believe.

We descended along the popular concrete jeep track that skirts what was once Cecilia “Forest” – or rather a pine plantation.

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