Almost 10 years to the day after the last occasion at Sweni with my wife and daughters, and late father-in-law, Marion and I returned to immerse ourselves in wild nature once more, with friends Paul and Debbie.Fiery sunset As I have written many times elsewhere on this blog about this unique type of adventure, it is the way to experience Kruger’s bush. The wilderness trail is also the perfect safari product in my book: just long enough for you to adjust to the rhythm and sounds of a wild camp and short enough for a return to be inevitable. In other words, you are just getting into it, when you have to leave. And Kruger does not allow back-to-back trail bookings – I have tried that.

On this occasion we were not as fortunate to walk into lions and hyaenas on a kill, but we were a little encouraged to see plenty of fresh white rhino middens and tracks. The army is active in the area and sometimes the area, which is close to the Mozambique border feels like “the border” that many guys of my vintage remember – and which paradoxically launched our love of the bush.

GPS tracks and photos follow.

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Walking at sunrise

Cheetah and 3 cubs

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