Kraal Bay is one of my favourite places on the planet. Since first windsurfing there in about 1984, I have been back time and again to enjoy its beauty, stay on the houseboat, kayak and windsurf.

Langebaan Lagoon is blessed with a micro-climate that virtually guarantees 15+ knot southerlies almost every day in summer. Even though the surrounding areas may be experiencing calm, the lagoon seems to have lungs that suck the air up its length.  The water is shallow for miles and relatively warm compared to the frigid seas off the coast. And pristine.

This is not extreme windsurfing; the lagoon is a mellow place for older sailors, where the family can enjoy the sun in the windless coves north of the point.

Using my trusty old F2 Axxis and a 5 sq m sail in about 20-25 knots of breeze, I have managed to coaxe it up to 30+ knots, but can’t squeeze more speed out of it.

Back in 1984 we could be sure that there would only be two of us sailing there. Lately Kraal Bay has been “discovered” by the braai brigade and on most summer Sundays parking and a site on the beach are problems.

As for windsurfing in the surf, in the early days we used to frequent Big Bay at Blouberg, but these days I only sail at the Strand and only when the wind is blowing South. This direction is clean and side-onshore. Unfortunately, it’s usually a solo effort as I have run out of friends who still sail in the surf…