Muchenje Safari Lodge, Chobe

2 – 15 July 2001

Muchenje apparently means “Jackalberry tree” in Lozi. The lodge, built in 1996, tops the ridge above the Chobe River near Buffalo Ridge, commanding a panoramic view of the Chobe and Caprivi. Located just south of the Chobe National Park in Chobe Forest Reserve, it is able to offer game activities in the park and on the river.

Muchenje overlooking the Chobe
Given the enormous population of elephant (40000+), the Chobe is wall-to-wall jumbo, and consequently the riverine forest is in a rather sorry state. Besides outstanding sightings of kudu, we had our first ever view of a herd of roan antelope.

And of course, there are the famous Chobe sunsets.
Chobe sunset

Our morning game walk was memorable for learning about the signals emitted by mopane trees to warn trees downwind, how they form tannin to protect themselves against browsing game, and why kudu browse mopane in a line-abreast into the wind. The exact nature of the signals is not yet known. How amazing is Nature….